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Dolly Parton Tribute Paula Randell

About Dolly Parton Tribute Act

Dolly Parton Tribute Lookalike Comparison Photo Paula Randell
Europe's Foremost Vocal Visual Impersonator | Tribute of The Iconic Divas Tina Turner * Cher * Dame Shirley Bassey & Dolly Parton
How I got Started As Dolly 'P' The UK's Best Dolly Parton Tribute!
Dubbed : The UK's Best Dolly Parton Lookalike.
Dolly Parton Tribute
Dolly Parton Act
Hi There Y'all! Thanks For Your Time.
A brief outline and cute story, as to how and why I got started.
Dubbed as Europe's foremost Dolly Parton look-a-like in 2014 after being 'head hunted' for International Companies such as Sainsbury & Homebase for their 20th Anniversary YouTube TV video.
I've Always Been A Fan Of Dolly's Songs.
I greatly admire  Dolly's prolific writing skills and her world-wide popularity with all age groups, along with her immense charitable nature. In my opinion , this is one of her best and most treasured assets, not to mention the other famous attributes, of course! A warm, fun. sincere, charitable lady with a big heart.
My Experience In Short! 
I've been an Internationally Renowned Vocal & Visual Impersonator of  Tina Turner * Cher *  Dame Shirley Bassey for decades (See other shows page for more info). Having worked all over the world including having my own long running show in The Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas and Palm Springs, California. Top line cruises including Crystal, Seabourn, Holland America RCCL etc. The list is endeless. Since becoming a Vocal Impersonator/Tribute I've travelled the world and entertained in every conceivable country and location you can possibly imagine, as far as Australia and Zimbabwe! Likened  to a number of Famous Stars & Celebrities including Dame Elizabeth Taylor since the age of 18. Joan Collins and even Lulu to name a few. However....
Dolly Parton Was Suggested To Me On Numerous Occasions!
Friends and professionals insisted I should be a Dolly Parton Lookalike & Tribute. I dismissed the idea for a long time as I had contract commitments with  my 'other' wonderful divas and the timing wasn't quite right.
Late 2014 Brought New Horizons. Finally I Was Convinced.  
Having a  remarkable and obvious natural likeness to all of Dolly's famous attributes (see comparison photos opposite) shape of face, slim body and legs, not to mention her more obvious assets, of course! Blessed with the same voluptuous bosom and slim waistline as Dolly Parton! Using  only the gifts that God gave me, with  the exception of the gorgeous blonde wigs, glamorous blingie costumes and perfectly manicured acrylic nails I progressed to impersonate....Dolly Parton! It wasn't long before my Dolly 'P' look-a-like was in demand! Dolly Parton Tribute Lookalike was born.
Stepped Up To The Challenge.
 Having also been blessed, as Dolly would phrase it, with an extremely powerful voice, a rich deep timbre, most suitable to the characters I'm so famous for covering (read above). I set about using my 'other' voice! Never say never! I rose to the challenge and discovered a new calling. I've recorded several of Dolly's famous songs for my new CD Blue Smoke especially for you to take a listen. I hope you enjoy listening to them.
I'm Still Discovering The Amazing Dolly Parton. 
I've been dubbed The UK's No1 Dolly Parton Look-a-like & Tribute in an incredibly short time! Ventured out on an exciting new character and lovin every minute! Dreams can come true....
There will only ever be ONE  Dolly Parton and that's the REAL one. :-)
Why not check out the next best 'Dolly Parton'. Incidentally if your photo has been added to the Gallery take a peek now :-)
Pop back soon y'all!
Dolly Parton Tribute Lookalike :-)


Dolly Parton Tribute Lookalike Paula Randell

"Dreams are of no value if they're not equipped with wings."

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