Internationally recognised as the closest looking Dolly in the UK! Paula's had her own long running shows in Las Vegas & Palm Springs California.



Dolly Parton Tribute Poster
Dolly Parton Tribute Paula Randell Live Performan
Guest Captures Dolly Parton!

"I’ve always been a writer. My songs are the door to every dream I’ve ever had and every success I’ve ever achieved,” says Dolly Parton of her incredible career, which has spanned nearly five decades and is showing no signs of slowing down. 


An internationally renowned superstar, the iconic and irrepressible Parton has contributed countless treasures to the world of music entertainment, penning classic songs such as “Jolene,” “Coat of Many Colors,” and her mega-hit “I Will Always Love You.” With 1977’s crossover hit “Here You Come Again,” she successfully erased the line between country and pop music without noticeably altering either her music or her image....



"Not only does she look the part, her voice is second to none and she's a real crowd pleaser, a really natural way with people of all ages, just like Dolly!"

Phil Ball *  Private Party



Thank you so much for a such an amazing night. Diane was in shock when you came out as Dolly Parton! You are unbelievably talented. You made a surprise birthday party never to be be forgotten for Diane and all her guests.

Hayley Walley Event Organiser Sandbach Golf



"Paula Randell is without doubt Europes closest lookalike in every way to Dolly Parton! We searched the internet to come up with the best Dolly for our Sainsbury and Homebase, Nectar Card Promotional Video. Fantastic replica costume, talks and walks like Dolly. Easy to work with. Ultimate Professional. The Perfect choice."

Director. Tiza Video Agency





* Dolly's Greatest Hits And  Other Famous    Favourites Included In The Shows:


* Blue Smoke  (Latest CD Blue Smoke Tour)

* Backwoods Barbie

* Two Doors Down 

* Baby I'm Burnin

* Better Get To Livin'

* Why'd You Come Here Lookin Like That

* You Can't Make Old Friends

    (Latest Duet with Kenny Rogers)

*  Islands In The Stream

* Jolene 

* Coat Of Many Colours

* Here You Come Again 

* 9 to 5

* Joshua

* Applejack

* Dumb Blonde

* Shinola

* Home

* Little Sparrow

* Love Is Like A Butterfly

* Bargain Store

* To Daddy

* D.I.V.O.R.C.E

* Silver Threads & Golden Needles

* Jesus & Gravity 

* I Will Always Love You

* Lay Your Hands On Me

   (Glastonbury Debut 2014

   And more....

The UK & Europes Foremost Dolly Parton Lookalike Tribute Act

Dolly Parton Lookalike On Location Filming For Sainvury Homebase Nectar Card
Award Winning Lookalike!

"You were so authentic as Dolly Parton and have a superb Dolly voice. An amazing performance! You were more than we could ever have expected or hoped for!"

Peugeot Country Music

Your Event Solution

Dolly Parton Tribute appears for Channel Islands Pride Jersey 2016
Dolly Parton Impersonator Paula Randell Red Carpet Treatment
Dolly Parton Tribute Impersonator Channel Islands Pride

Backwoods Barbie Show

Shrimps After Party For The 2020 Resort Collection


Modelling The 2020 Dolly Parton Inspired Handbags From Shrimps 

Wearing The Iconic Yellow Swarovski & Beaded Dress

Coat Of Many ColoursPaula randell Vocal Impersonation

*Should Your Special Occasion or Corporate Event require a Country Backing Band' this can be arranged.


* Audience participation is one of Paula's fortes.  A Pass Master at involving her audience no matter what age. A wonderful family entertainer with that distinctive witty repartee and comic timing, so synonymous with  Dolly Parton.  


* Replica Dolly Parton Concert costumes including the now famous 'Backwoods Barbie' featured on Dolly's Commercial Video promoting her new CD Backwoods Barbie. Her beautiful Blue Swarovski crystal encrusted O2 London Concert Costume.

Dolly Parton Tribute In Concert
Dolly Parton Tribute Lookalike UK Best Tribute.

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Above: Photo Published By  Barcroft Media.

Recent Dolly News

Dolly Parton Barcroft Media Professional Photoshoot


With Dolly Parton's recent Glastonbury Appearance Paula was chosen to feature in a Media Article as a premier Dolly Parton Tribute Lookalike photograph media session as 'The Best Dolly Lookalike In The UK for Barcroft Media, London. Click Gallery Above.



Paula was recently chosen, above all other Dolly Parton lookalikes in the UK by Tiza Video to appear in a Promotional DVD/Video for Nectar Card. Celebrating their 20th Anniversary. Filmed with unsuspecting customers at Sainbury's and Homebase. The video is available to view on Sainsbury's & Homebase web sites. Take a quick look below or better still click on YouTube to see it Dolly Parton Tribute Lookalike in full screen mode!


Dolly Parton Tribute Lookalike

Above: Sainsbury's Are Saying Thanks A Miliion! Read What they are saying below!!  So...Join us – and say a special thanks to your own friends and family online. Check back here every day to find lots of good things like bonus points, competitions, games, prizes and more. It’s our way of saying... thanks a million! 

Over 17000 views to date!

Left: Paula as Dolly Parton on the filming location



Dolly Parton Tribute Lookalike Comparison

Dolly Parton Tribute Best UK Lookalike

 Dolly 'P'     &    Dolly Parton



Red Replica Costume From The CD Booklet!


Advertising  For Mini Cooper  At Grosvenor!


Dolly Parton Tribute Best UK Lookalike
Dolly Parton Tribute
Dolly Parton Tribute Impersonator Poster
Dolly Parton Tribute Impersonator UK's Best loolalike Replica Glastonbury Guitar
Dolly Replica 02 Concert Costume with
Glastonbury Replica Guitar!

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